How it works

Your photoshoot can be booked as an outdoor session, indoor session, or both! Our fine art prints are printed on stunning high-quality paper and every print or piece of art comes with a matching digital file. We can also present you with a leather-bound album with your prints mounted on thick pages to minimize wear. A keepsake, sure to be treasured.


As soon as you are ready for a session you should schedule a date that works for you, ideally in the first few weeks to get those heavenly, curled up sleeping poses. We’ll decide on the color scheme using whimsical props and hand-knitted clothing made with the softest knits. I’ll lovingly swaddle and photograph your precious little one while you relax and enjoy some quiet quality time
Your newborn session is held in either my studio or your home. This session generally lasts between two to three hours with plenty of time for nursing, soothing and cuddles. My gentle and patient approach allows me to truly capture the beauty of this special time. 


We will go together where your heart takes us to make memories that will last forever.  It could be a serene setting with cloudy sunsets or an exhilarating forest adventure. Wherever you decide I will make your dreams come true.
We’ll go out and create something deep and meaningful. We’ll find the exquisite details in the great outdoors: the sun and the shadows, the way the wind blows through your child’s hair and in the magic that exists all around us. 
I take a whimsical and artistic approach to each session and each image is professionally enhanced with a small touch of nostalgia, to bring you frame-worthy art. 


In my studio you’ll find a calm and peaceful setting where I create timeless, soulful, and meaningful portraits of your little, or not so little, ones. I enhance each portrait with a special fine art, vintage effect until they are breathtakingly beautiful, and you’ll want to look at them again and again.

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